Architectural Details

Ceiling Array microphones are designed for suspension, pole and flush mounting in metric or imperial formats.


Integrated Vibration Isolation

Prevents transmission of mechanical noise through the microphone.


Light Bar

Multi-color LED indicates microphone status.



Certified compliant with the UL 2043 standard.


Available Ceiling Adapters

A910-25MM Configures a 600 mm Ceiling Array for a 625 mm grid.
A910-JB Allows the Ethernet cable connected to the array to be installed inside flex conduit.


Expressive Finishes

Ceiling and Table Array microphones are available in black, white and aluminum finishes to match room aesthetics or the finishes of other AV system components.Ceiling Array mics can also be painted.

Installation Solutions

Audio Network Interface units are 1/3 rack mountable and can also be mounted under-the-table or on a wall. Table Array microphones also feature through-the-table mounting kits.

ANI Bracket

Mounts a single Mic/Line ANI under a table or on a wall (included).

Available ANI Bracket

CRT1 | Mounts up to 3 ANIs under a table, on a wall, or in a rack.

Table Array Mounting

Table Arrays include cable management solutions for on-the-table or through-the-table applications.