Audio Network Interfaces

New ANI4IN and ANI4OUT devices can bring up to four wired microphones onto or from a Dante network for easy audio routing and browser-based connectivity.

Both new Microflex Advance array microphones are fully digital for networked set-up, management and control on Dante networks.

Front Panels  Common LED signals for ANI Input & Output devices

Front Panels
Common LED signals for ANI Input & Output devices


  • Browser-based Remote Control
  • Logic Pin State Settings (ANI4IN-BLOCK)
  • Hardware Status LEDs
  • Third-party Control System Compatible
  • XLR and Block Connectivity
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Audio Summing
  • Per Channel 4-Band Parametric Equalization

Browser-Based Tools

Both array microphones and the ANI4s feature browser-based tools that make it easy to remotely monitor and control microphones, configure capture areas using convenient templates, set polar pattern preferences and specify mixing and routing preferences.

Rich Third-Party Controls

Both microphones work seamlessly with audio conferencing processors, video conferencing codecs, and PC-based conferencing. They also offer an extensive API (Application Programming Interface) for versatile integration and control of muting, presets, LED states and other settings via third-party control systems.